Wed 29 Jan 2014 11:22:48 EST

Been working on setting myself up a good pace. Seems I am keeping roughly two days ahead in my three hundred word a day challenge. This is a nice buffer, may like a few days more though.

Think Jack’s story is becoming even darker. Not sure I am able to get into doing that writing wise. As it is I go see a therapist at 3:00 PM today in order to deal with some dark bits in real life.

Sure, the writing might be therapeutic. It also might lead into the wrong direction/s. This is a rough call. I can intersperse some breaks, writing on other subjects.

Hopefully, this will keep me in a “safe” zone. A few years
back I had taken a notion to write a fictional story about Danny Casolaro and the controversy involved there. Since then, I have kind of shied away from delving into that, even if fictional.

Even writing fictionally can often reveal truths some find embarrassing, or inconvenient. So, one stands fast, does nothing. Until they return to a habit of writing, thinking.

Well, I have rambled too much here. Need to go take a break.