Revisiting the Mistress

Tomorrow I have a bit of noir coming up on 300 Word Verges. Be sure to catch a character known as Jimmy Jack. This name came in part from listening to one of the greatest bands ever, AC/DC.

Jimmy Jack may wind up becoming a regular character, popping in from time to time. These past few shorts have been voicing themselves strongly as noir. There is a raw grunge feel in the writing, and she grows organic, the blue eyed bitch in a red dress.

Dislike bowing unto a muse. This leads one to perversity in content as well as habits. You start thinking “okay, let the muse come and I’ll write.”

Well, a writer is supposed to write, Hell or high water. Muses do not allow this. They become insatiable dominatrices, you write for hours, days, weeks on end to appease them and suddenly they vanish, you stop writing. You wait, and wait … no muse returns.

So, I rather not bow to a muse. Yeah, sure I’m happy to enjoy a little infatuation and maybe some rolling in the hey with this gorgeous muse, but I must lash down to spare the writing. I have tasted of the milk of paradise before and know all too well it’s quick addiction rate.

At any given, am having fun getting back to writing. šŸ™‚