Getting Fancy

Doing some piddling with Word Press has led me believe Word Press rocks! 🙂 This observation comes from checking if the delay short code for email posting would allow scheduling of posts. It does! Yay!

On first beginning to use the web and internet many moons ago, I became enchanted with email. For me it is the simplest and most direct means to communicate, or to do things. Some folks whom read this blog may recall using listserver commands to fetch archives of a mailing list.

You could also fetch other files from the listserv software. At times a mailing list may offer handy programs such as unzip, stored in their file repository. One could request the program file to be sent by email.

So, seeing quite similar functionality in a blogging platform sets my mind reeling. *chuckles* And Word Press offers us RSS feeds as well. In a sense the platform could be used as an electronic newsletter rather easily.

This really goes some way toward me sensing that butterfly of happiness lighting on my shoulder a moment. 🙂 It means I can write up posts and schedule them some days ahead. I may write a week’s worth of short tales
for 300 Word Verges in a few days time, schedule them to post one each day.

I may even use such method here on this blog. And that I find rather helpful and useful. It helps create a routine for me and that is something of a need.