Finding the way

This morning I located Word Press’ Post by email support page. Here they document how to use short codes when posting via email. This will be rather helpful to me.

I prefer keeping everything as simple as possible. Sending a post by email makes sense to me on so many levels. Glad to have found this resource.

Also posted another story on 300 Word Verges. This gives me two days of stories. If I can manage doing ten more it should become a habit.

To me it seems as though I am writing “jump starts” of longer stories. Later I may return to these and hack out longer short stories, maybe novels. No promises but doors will stay open.

Am enjoying a sense of a “challenge”, for myself. I have really needed to get back to writing. These pieces spur imagination, which help my thought process.

Thank you again, Dieter. You helped provide inspiration, a
nudge to get going. Also, I feel a need to mention another
helpful resource. Story ideas can be tough to find. I visit Hatch’s Plot Bank to get quick ideas.