Morning Feeding

Had fun feeding the animals this morning. Seven little happy pups
thought about staying out in the cold, shivers and all. I grumbled a bit
like a bear convincing them to stay in their coup.
My cat, Brother, followed me down to feed Thistle. Thistle is the Lab
and Pit mix old pup which showed up the day my step dad died. Ironic
recalling my step dad having said, he would send me a little black puppy
when he died.
So, Brother followed me through the snow and cold wind. He had food
in his “apartment” in the barn. I set up a collapsible kennel courier
filled with some hay, a feed bowl giving him an apartment.
He had to follow though. His Da was making sure everybody got fed, he’s
his Da’s helper. Thistle looked at him as though he is nutty.
Everyone is doing alright. Her grandfather is resting, has to not use
his back. Doctors told him to not sleep in bed. He sleeps sitting up in
a comfy chair.
Well, better feed myself, now. Run slow.