Awoke this morning on the tail end of a bad dream. I have difficulty with a person here. Guess some of that bled over into sleep.

This person was obviously harping over something. I was supposed to have told my wife something, which I had done. The harping continued nonetheless.

To say I woke in a pleasant mood would be silly. And then, I noted a rattle of the pellet stove running on near empty. This other person is usually the one in charge of ensuring it does not run out.

Harping indeed. So, I “dropped a bag of pellets” into the stove about fifteen minutes ago. Also went on and fixed a fresh pot of coffee, microwaved yesterday evening’s last cup.

Tried using KDE again recently. It was having issues in not allowing the sound to work properly. I was too addle brained to bother wading through all the various fixes offered by the search engine.

To be sure, I tried about four different suggestions with no joy. My wife even tried one or two others. Not the first, or only trouble I have faced with KDE. Think it may be the last though.

I currently like using LXDE, Xfce, Fluxbox, Openbox and most other *box desktop environments, or window managers. They work and do all I need them to do, put lipstick on the command line. Like to use the command line at times as well.

As noted one has a plethora of choices when using GNU/Linux. It is this choice I like having. Also enjoy some of the Unix culture seeping into Linux. “There is more than one way to do it.” Of course, that’s also the Perl motto.