Remembering Life

Christmas here was alright. I got a pack of socks, pack of cigarettes.

Mentioned to my wife, C, that I had gotten only practical items.

I recall when Christmas meant you got really whiz bang stuff. Suppose

being an adult living below poverty creates limits. I gave C a few

hugs, so Christmas was still pretty good.

After all, not sure of any whiz bang things I could want, or need. Am

hoping the SS people soon put me onto disability. The sooner they do

means the sooner I might look into employment at a sheltered work place


At these type of work places, the bosses try to arrange it so you do

not work over what disability limits are. They also work with a person

in making the environment accessible. For example, I worked in what

they called the mail department at one in Virginia.

The mail department consisted of a business print shop. We printed

labels on mass mailer items, bound these up in bundles and packed them

into mail out bags for the mail guy to fetch. We would also stuff

envelopes being careful to correlate them against names.

The "supervisor" of the mail department was fair and reasonable. He

allowed us each three daily slip ups. And if we felt the slip up was

from something outside our control he might concede it and not count it

against us.

But he told us up front what was expected and stuck to that. We did not

exactly have any speed quotas. Yes, he desired quick work. He desired

accurate work more though.

We were allowed to bring in music in the form of headphones as long as

we did not disruptive, or distracting with them. If we slipped up we

got taken from the mail department to go work the "bench" work, or to

break down a retailer’s cardboard boxes. Doing the boxes was okay work

but a bit tedious.

Our breaking down of boxes was checking on them to sort trash from

re-usable boxes. If they could be reused, stickers were applied over

their bar code scan sticker. They were then, palatalized and loaded

into a trailer to be returned.

This was done in a fashion of a factory line. One or two would take

boxes off pallets at the head end, put them on the line. The next

person checked one side, next the other side, next person applied

stickers. One or two would take them off the line and unto return

pallets. Once pallets were filled they were moved to a holding area, or

put into the trailer depending a trailer’s availability.

This allowed a maximum number of folks to effectively work.