A Bunch of Idiots

Seems I took a hiatus from blogging. Took a hiatus from a lot of media

as well. The media seems to be a worthless addiction for me.

Well, addicts can break their cycles, walk away. Instead of media in

the form of current events, I delved into history. For me history is

what one explores as examples of mistakes.

These examples provide something else called experience. Experience is

the knowledge one gains from making errors, if one learns from the

errors. It seems humanity in general prefers not to learn.

We continually go to war to allow profiteers to profit. This only

serves a biblical god known as Mammon. Mammon was the god of money,


The bible if nothing else reflects common sense. It tells Christians to

not serve two gods. Further it chides its followers to not engage in

money changing, lending, usury or credit.

A humanist known as Benjamin Franklin also guides one to not; "a

borrower or lender be." Apologies if that’s a bit paraphrased. But yet

the Christian doctrine also gives us the word mortgage.

Mortgage’s Latin roots define it roughly to read as "death oath". And

this means one vows upon their life to repay monies borrowed. You swear

your life over to creditors.

At that point you serve two gods if you believe in any gods. You serve

the god of your creditor, Mammon. All your labor goes toward meeting

the mortgage.

But do people walk away from such a system? No, they do not. In fact

they flock to it in droves.

Jesus in the Bible heralded the impending crash of societies based upon

usury. He destroyed the booths of the money changers in the

tabernacles. Everyone got mad at him for knowing the truth,

understanding the wages of usury were hollow death.

Here we are now in much the same boat. We need to learn. We need to not

revolve, or have a revolution, but we need to evolve and grow out of

our knowledge.

Knowledge that is gained by studying past errors. And no, I’m not

claiming to be high and mighty religiously. Not claiming to be the

brightest crayon in the box either.

Still I reflect on seeing this in even what some consider fictional

history, then look and see we don’t learn. I do not see many reasons to

not be sad regarding that. Humanity, a great bunch of idiots.