Branches – 08/05/13 – Soapbox – CDB – The Charlie Daniels Band

Branches – 08/05/13 – Soapbox – CDB – The Charlie Daniels Band.

Who holds elected officials accountable?
Who holds the Supreme Court accountable?
Who holds the executive branch accountable?
What do you think?

I think that we the American people need to assert our rights by exercising them. We need to march upon the Federal Reserve Banks and give back their worthless paper money, all of it. Then we need to create our own private government based upon meritocracy, use a system of time dollars or barter.

Make the standard wage equate to our current $10 per hour and give everyone a “living wage” of a standard 40 hr hour week. If you want further luxuries, you work overtime, meaning you take a job. Everyone gets around $400 a week, or $1,200 a month to live off. this covers most folk’s basic needs. People could decide another “base line” in regards to “living wage”, but it would be the people voting and truly having a voice.

If someone took a job, it would be a job based upon merit. You would earn your value by what you know, not who you blow. Your working contemporaries would offer up nominations for people who excelled at the work, these would make an extra 10% for a year. Then the process kicks over a new candidate but all the while it would be based on merit. No one is allowed to nominate or vote for themselves.

Provide common mess halls for common feilds of work. These mess halls would operate twenty four hours a day, give away remainders to homeless or poor. For example the local steel workers mess hall, all steel workers welcome to come in for grub. End of each shift, a van goes out to donate the remaining food to those on the street. Each field of occupation could do this, until ultimately there were just universal common mess halls. Perhaps an affordable meal would be worth one hour’s credit, the $10, so you work an hour to earn lunch. Again people could decide better the “details”, but again keep it all based on merit and moderation.

Invite other countries in, we’d not need war with anyone. Realize and end to scarcity, which is a bullshit idea designed to oppress everyone. The world, she can provide for everyone, if everyone agree to universalism, meritocracy. Live within nature, not without nature. There is a lot of pure shit we do not need. Ideas which oppress are one turd that ought to be flushed, any idea, religions included, any religion.