Poky Turtle

Shouting out to my wife a bit. Love you honey. 🙂 Sorry I get

irrigated easily.

Get tired of making what seems excuses too. The shortest and most

accurate one is I’m human. That is something of a great realization

after years of trying to be a machine.

Had a chuckle about you saying the Chemical Brothers video seemed like

something was going to explode. The rhythm whispers a secret to you

while you’re entranced. "We’re all going to convert to creatures of

light!" 🙂

Not sure I quite follow that. But the music also does seem cleansing,

in that you can shut off your mind a bit. Well, maybe not shut it down

fully, toss out distractions.

Once distractions clear, I see you being my fortune. 🙂 Loving you, if

work, is work I’ll gladly do to until the end of all days. Love you,

poky Turtle.