» The NSA Comes Recruiting The Mob and the Multitude

NSA_F: I don’t believe the NSA is telling complete lies.

via » The NSA Comes Recruiting The Mob and the Multitude.

That is priceless, nearly as much as President Obama’s eloquent line.

“Nobody is listening to your phone calls.” — President Obama

At one time we lived near a fellow whom was a federal marshall. He explained a few bits of “trade craft” as ancedotal conversation to spongy young boys. One of those baubbles involved means of realizing a phone conversation is being monitored. I am not saying bugged, as that usually consists of different methods.

Monitoring can be done from the safety of a telephone company junction, or anywhere along the wire, now anywhere along the signal. This ensures a “subject” does not suspect being surveiled by having them discover a device in their home, business etc..

Will not divuluge the method/s here. Suffice it to say some are rather simple and easily to enact, such that it can become second nature.

Point being, for the President to state that in public with such a straight face, was his poker “tell”. He may not have been “telling a complete lie”, either. Nonetheless, a lie is a lie,, by omission, half truth, blatant deception.