Codename: DROPMIRE | MetaFilter

They very much do keep the data, hence the massive new data storage facility in Utah. It should work that nobody is a suspect until a terrorist actor has been identified, at which point you comb through as much of their communications from before the act and start to filter out supporters, networks, finances etc to identify additional members of a cell or related individuals who may be likely to act in the future. You can then start to realtime monitor those and hopefully get a start on future acts.

via Codename: DROPMIRE | MetaFilter.

May seem to be an effective strategy. Doubt it shall work against folks whom are non-sequitor, surealistic. They may also practice deliberate culture jamming, which by technical definition is not not exactly a terrorist activity. The culture jamming may simply be a satire advert to eat at Joe’s.

So you would then find truly innocent folk being molested by this evil, corrupt government. Your argument that it simply status quoa and perfectly acceptable is no longer acceptable. I deem you a terrorist to the cause of Sporks & Silly Putty.

Stay where you are, we will send someone along shortly to collect you. We have been easvedropping on your bedroom’s sexual activities and know you sodomize goats while swinging dead cats over head. You have no right to appeal, no right to face your accusers, no right to anything lest we choose being nice.

Have a jolly pleasant day.