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This matters because Popov’s version has inevitably been used by conspiracy theorists to argue that Roosevelt knew about the forthcoming attack on Pearl Harbour and deliberately let it happen in order to bring the US into the war.

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Look up the logs and news for Japan sending an ambassador three times to meet with the then, POTUS. Japan did not want to be in the war. The ammbassador was their attempt to engage in peace. The then POTUS ignored meeting with the ambassador. This is point in fact a matter of public record in government logs, and media of the time.

Roosevelt allowed the Wall Street types to write up his New Deal. Look that up via Antony C. Sutton, whom also cites the Wall Street types funding and developing the Soviets against the Nazis. He is a far wiser man than myself and has accurate records regarding his alligations.

This has all been planned out in some extent to facillicate a one world dictatorship ruled by socialism. Watch for thesis vs. antithesis and a moderate synthesis, or rather problem, reaction, solution. It is how these powers operate. They create the problem in order to sell you the solution which they had already on hand.

The same tactic is used by the mafia. They send thugs to harrass mom and pop shops. Then a man with a business card shows up advertising “insurance”. If the mom and pop do not pay for “insurance” thugs continue until mom and pop go packing or worse. Pay for the “insurance” and lo and behold, even these thugs seem like nice guys.

We need a better solution in order to side step their middle man. We need to not use their solution. Stop playing their game.