Charge dropped against student who wore NRA shirt

Marcum’s attorney, Ben White, says Marcum was exercising his free speech rights and his support for the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. After a review of statements from the officer and the school’s principal, White says he and a prosecutor agreed that creating a criminal record for Marcum wasn’t a good idea.

via Charge dropped against student who wore NRA shirt.

Big “D’uh”. Not a good idea indeed. They really ought to consider a civil suit against the arresting officer. The young man in as much merits a public apology, at the least.

Yes, justice has proven itself out. I am not saying the young man deserves an apology out of line, or in effort to illicit more negativity. He genuinely does deserve the apology, a public one.

He was in the right and stood his ground on that. How conflicting then an authority figure such as a police officer press charges. Yes, the ones at the school need to apologize as well.

We as a people need to respect the right and honor it. That is why he deserves an apology. He did the right but was told it was wrong by those in authority.

No, I am not saying the authority is always incorrect. There are times it is not. This was not one of those times, it was in the wrong. The ability to choose to question authority is what being an American is about.