LAPD ambush a ‘blatant attempt to assassinate’ cops, Chief Beck says –

The detectives returned fire but the suspect or suspects got away.

More than a dozen shots were fired during the gun battle. One detective suffered a minor head injury either from a bullet or shattered glass and the other detective suffered a minor injury to his hand, officials said. Both detectives were treated at a hospital and released and were aiding in the search. The two, whose names have not been released, have been on the force for 11 and 20 years, respectively, and were returning from an assignment, police said.

Given the location of the shooting, police said they believed the shooter knew he was targeting police.

“They knew that these were police officers or police employees,” Smith said. “Anybody willing to take on two police officers outside a police station is obviously a dangerous individual.”

via LAPD ambush a 'blatant attempt to assassinate' cops, Chief Beck says –

And so it begins…. There has been speculation of an incident or series of incidents, which will spark violent roll out of martial law. Do not minsunderstand this post. Yes, it is tragic police seem to have been targeted.

I do not condone violence against anyone. That aside, police like soldiers know the risks when putting on the uniform or carrying the badge. That is the job. It is what they accept to do.

Considering last week they were holding bombing riot simulation training exercises in L.A., seems to fit to rachet up to the next step. “Oh look, we were attacked!” Apologies, I ll retain a right to be skeptical.