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Using Linux, I do not feel too concerned about viruses. That does not imply I go along trapsing in mine feilds either. There are two virus killing programs on my computer. One runs in the background and actively wipes viruses, updates automatically at intervals on its own cron job. The other is a program which allows me scan on demand via a graphical interface. It too updates on its own cron job and gets virus killing algorithms sent to itself.

This way these applications are constantly able to be abreast of any old nasty viruses. I also use a rootkit sniffing application and a non-standard file monitoring system. I had to set the monitoring system up custom, as the distribution’s system had bumped into some adversities. My root passphrase is also changed out from time to time, and I use a wicked method to give me at least fourteen character passphrases.

But yes, this comic slyly points out why viruses are made. It is to make money. I use Linux, I don’t need to throw good money after bad. Linux is free. Most of what Windows(tm) can do Linux can also do, plus a bit more. In a decade, I have only had one virus on my computer while using Linux. I put it there on purpose, to explore some coding for a hobby project. Once I had done the research, I used wipe and shred to remove the virus. It was no longer on my computer.

Should not need to but will. Stanard internet and computing disclaimer apply. I am not claimig to be a guru, hacker, grand computing wizard by any means. I can point you in the direction of a few true masters, might know one or two whom others may not be aware of yet are real geniuses. Point being I’m just a guy with some basic programming knowledge and a litlle bit of savy know how. Sure, might consider me a bit of a power user.

Beyond that I do run ito times when paitence and diplomacy wear thin. “Wifey, come fix it”, I holler. I’m okay to fix things to a point. Sometimes I skip RTFM becuase the manual is too much information for me to effectively search and find a solution.

Wife fixes it, looks at the manual, breaks into simple chunks for me and explains the solution. We both operate in this manner. There’s some I’m good at and she’s not. 🙂 Again, it’s muddling through.