This morning’s routine …

Well, it starts as most mornings do. I use a hand injector to "roll" up the day’s cigarette allotment. After that, I take my high blood pressure medicine, a pain medication. If we’ve got pressing morning plans I might take an anxiety medicine in the mix. Most often it is only the blood pressure and pain medicines what are taken.

I set here at the computer a bit. May peek at some news, may not. Frankly it seems I’m finding myself where George Carlin existed, only watching a circus instead. Yes, I have strong opinions about some political issues. I believe in order for people to have dignity a sense of privacy needs guaranteed. It does not matter if you’ve nothing to hide.

Sometimes one simply wants to avoid embarrassment by someone overhearing something, say a discussion of sexual preferences. Maybe a human being needs to express that a bowel movement brought elation after being constipated. Does everyone fully need to hear or know every thing going on with every one else? I do not think we do. Many others hold this same view.

Also think America needs to legalize use of marijuana, along with limited scope for growing enough for individual use. It could set up the same as alcohol and tobacco cigarettes with a restriction on age of maturity required for use, say eighteen because you can vote, die for country, smoke tobacco at that age. Insurance companies could fairly raise rates on business which allowed employees to have accidents while using heavy equipment and stoned or otherwise intoxicated. It does not need to be a criminal matter save for possibly neglect, reckless endangerment issues.

Yes, I have these views and more. Yes, I feel rather strongly about them. Do I think it much matters, ultimately? No. I doubt we in America will see any change for the better. We lack any real anger to engage fully in politics and use their own corrupt system against them to affect a peaceful revolution and resolution. Too long have we been yoked by oppression from within. We accept it, even having Stockholm Syndrome over it.

I may be incorrect, or may not. Today is a day of break for me. No real intention to look at news much if at all today. I’ll go feed my dogs, take a walk by the creek in a circle around our bottom slash back-yard. This walk is roughly one quarter mile each time around. May hit it two or four times today. If I go five laps it equals one kilometer, four equals a standard mile. I estimate but according to a conversion program I hit the mark close enough.

Allow me append a standard internt and web disclaimer to this post. In no manner am I a lawyer, member of law enforcement, political official. I am merely a common guy expressing my opinions on issues, take it or leave it as is applicable, no warranty expressed or implied. Thanks. 🙂