June 13 th 2013

Christy quit working at Gino’s. She was too fed up with Joyce’s actions and what she said. There were at least three different instances what one would consider probable grounds to quit.

1. An incident in which Christy phoned 911 for an injured co-worker

and Joyce’s response.

2. A meeting allegedly held the morning of today, which was scheduled

for the 15th in the afternoon. Joyce tried to say Christy missed the

mandatory meeting, and lied about the scheduling. The scheduling

calender at the store clearly said otherwise.

3. Countless times Christy did the work of the manager, or covered when

other employees called off.

I agree with my wife. Understand, I’m not in agreement because she is my wife.

The agreement comes from having worked at Gino’s and seeing similar conditions.

Not exactly proud of her quitting. I record it here for purposes of personal reference and memory. Joyce in this case is the store manager, whom will not run a register, wait on customers in the dining room, do more than pat out, dock and sauce pizzas in the kitchen. She also schedules herself plenty of off days or vacations.

My wife phoned her right after calling 911 for the co-worker. The co-worker was cleaning a hood over a grill while on a ladder. She fell, apparently hit her head on the hood or floor, or oven near by. She was bleeding. Christy got her clean towels, applied pressure, went to call for help.

Joyce asked why she had called EMS. Then proceeded to degrade the co-worker by saying that she had been told time and again to not clean the hood.

Yeah, you read that correctly. A manager of a food service place telling an employee to not clean. So, when a spade is a spade, there you are. *shaking his head in awe and wonderment*

That’s part of why I agree with my wife, not for being my wife, but for her being a good worker and good human being who is honorable. She had enough and could not remain employed there and retain diplomacy, civility. Love you if you’re reading honey. You did the right thing despite everything else seeming to be backward. I’m proud of you and grateful for your love. I don’t need to be diplomatic.