Brook reflections

Blogging is a different form of writing for me. Writing is writing as is said. Well, I find writing up posts in Emacs and copying to my blogging client does not pan out as well as expected.

I may look through the Debian repositories and locate a blogging library for Emacs. Linux serves many purposes for me, yet seems an amalgamation of generalist use tool. No real purpose do I have in mind here. Subjects which might pop up are wood working, writing, sex, living, loving, laughing, movies, music. I will try to keep mostly to a PG-13 – R rating, and nothing in too much detail. 🙂

I read a good bit too. Go through spells in doing that. Once in a three month period, burn out found me in regards to reading. Crammed in all the works of Carlos Castanada, a few of Heinlein inclusive of Stranger in a Strange Land, The Earth Sea Trilogy, Utopia, 1984, Flatland, Metaphysics (all eight books by Aristotle), The Republic, Brave New World. Whew, talk about feeling really buzzed at that point.

Then, my wife tricked me into reading Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach. I had to read most of his works then, Illusions, Messiah’s Handbook (which comes in handy to this day). After that bum rush of reading, I finished off with Red Harvest as a desert. That kind of reading can cause one to dwell here in the verges. 😉

I do not really mind. Have started to find a sense of peace and contentment in life. Yes, we still live below the poverty level. We have the basics though. At times it may be a bit rough going, we keep going.

Looking forward to finally settling for disability, approved or not. It would be nice to get approved. Could really help out in deferring medical, psychological costs. It would give me a pinch of income as well and provide a minor self-esteem boost. Not overly egotistical but it does hurt to feel bound by situation.

Who knows, I may find a means to extort writing a bit now and then. Hoping to do a bit of wood working, nothing fancy to start out, birdhouses, easy bin boxes for trinkets and the like. Will work bits at a time to do nicer work and sell it to consignment or wholesale. That too would provide some psychological, emotional relief.

Need to get new teeth first. Have some lowers which require extracting then get full dentures which fit properly yet retain affordability. Have a dentist in mind, everything is ready to go save for the money. A fellow needs to eat, teeth help.

Despite this, I do feel okay in general about life. It is muddle through, "same as it ever was".