Thursday, July 30 Revisited

In The Verges

Still not here to cull pity. In the time since Thursday, July 30, much
has passed. I now, live in West Virginia again. Me and my wife decided
to return of our own accord.

I left Friendship Industries to take employment with a major temporary
services employer. That fell through in that I was without work for a
week out of a month. A letter came for me during that week, it was
requesting an interview at a large apple processing business.
Worked at the apple place, the fruits known as apples not apple
computers, for a while until told a work season was ending. I was
never put on full time despite working it. They kept me seasonal,
along with several immigrant workers.

Never have minded working with people of any variety. To me, people
are people, you’ll find good and bad in all walks of life. Spades are

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