Into the verges …

Welcome to the verges. You’ll find I may discuss or post rough drafts of writing here. Some of that writing may use brogue language and deal with mature themes. I may even speak as such, as well.

This is my place to freely express myself. It is a workshop, mind the mess. If anything herein offends you, stop reading and go away. Thank you.

You may find some political stuff here. I am not really one to harbour a sweltering love of politics. In fact, would at times dismiss folks as soon as looking at them for talking politics. Stand fast though, as I do have ideas and feelings of the bent political. I shall voice that sometimes.

May even talk about wood working, disabilities, cooking, gardening. I am an average good ol’ boy from the country mainly and quite obvious at that. If I’m too candid or blunt you can find the door for yourself.

Words, more importantly the ideas behind words do not need to be seen as weapons or sheilds. Words are tools, yes. As a tool words are neutral, same as ideas. I may talk about ideas, thoughts, feelings here. I’m not putting a gun to anyone’s head nor shoving flaming swords down their throats.

If you disagree, write back. Tell me you disagree, respectfully, maturely, civilly. We can agree right up front to disagree. Read what you desire. Do not read what you do not desire. Simple enough I think.

May also find stories here, as in the fictional type. Maybe some poetrty at times. This is a personal web log of a human being whom has ecclectic interests. I am a gerneralist. Do not expect me to narrow focus, already have in being human, being a generalist.